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Have you ever wondered why The difference between how the rich, the poor and the middle-class make money. The Rich acquire Cash-flow positive assets, or passive income while the poor and middle class rely on their pay. Even most professionals in high paying jobs end up with the same challenges, unfortunately for most  the higher the income the higher the expenses. As Robert Kiyosaki would say in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad, ‘Rat Race’.

Our business focuses on helping clients achieve their property investment goals. Kingdom Portfolio Builder (KPB) builds and manages property portfolios for people who want to invest in property, but who don’t have the time, expertise or inclination to do it themselves. We source investment opportunities to build a portfolio of properties on behalf of our clients.  As history proves, property can be one of the most solid wealth-creation vehicles available to investors and right now is the time to buy.

KPB offers great returns to clients who have access to min £50K to invest either as liquid cash investments and savings or equity in property. Many investors and potential investors are unhappy with poor returns, high fees and uncertainty typically associated with traditional investments and pensions. The company’s power team includes deal finders, Finance and Tax Team , Property Project Managers, Builders and Letting Agents. This means that clients can be assured of a portfolio with a regular income, without having to do the work themselves. Future capital growth is an additional bonus that will be enjoyed by KPB clients for years to come. We regularly hold one-to-one meetings in West Berkshire with prospective clients. These meetings are an excellent opportunity for you to understand our proven passive investment opportunity in more detail enabling you to explore whether this is the right opportunity for you. Couldn’t you do it yourself? Yes you can if you know what you are doing and have the time to do it.

Evaluate A Property Investment

One of the most fun parts of property investment – for me at least – is spending time looking at different properties you could buy. But after all that browsing – once you’ve found something that’s caught your eye – how do you know if it’s a “good buy”? This is where many wannabe investors get stuck: they enjoy looking, but can never get to a point of being confident enough that any given property is the right one to buy. As a result, they never buy anything at all. This is fine in a way – there are more unhealthy and expensive hobbies to have than browsing Rightmove in your evenings and weekends. But without the confidence to pull a deal, you’ll never achieve your financial goals.

Steps To Evaluate A Property Investment

The way to get that confidence is to have a clear process for assessing a deal. Follow the process, and if a property makes it through your analysis still looking good, you can move ahead without any niggling concerns to hold you back.
I’ll share my process for assessing an opportunity – which involves answering these questions:

  • What’s it worth?
  • What will it rent for?
  • Does it make sense for me?
  • Are there any hidden issues?

In every investment there is an element of risk, be it Commodities, Stocks & Shares and Property Investments or running a Business. No investment comes without risks, however, we limit the following novice investor mistakes :

  • Buying in the wrong area,
  • Unforeseen circumstances in Properties
  • Purchasing the wrong property
  • Failing to secure affordable finance
  • Letting the property
  • High levels of voids

Our aim is to help you build a profitable Buy to Let business.

What we do for you…

We realise that buying property “down south” requires you to have a large deposit and delays substantially your entry into the property investment sector, That’s why investing in the North East enables you to start for a much smaller initial down-payment.

At Kingdom Portfolio Building, we help our clients by:

1. Designing an Asset Acquisition Plan according to personal goals and dreams.

Using our asset acquisition tool we design your investment game plan suitable to your goals, dreams and access to finance.

2. Source the properties that meet your desired financial goals

The support we offer goes far beyond just picking out a property online or an estate agent . We source affordable properties in locations at a price that maximizes the return on your hard earned cash.

Our sourcing process starts with local market analysis, future market needs and viability of location; both short term and long term eg hospital, employers, transport links, proximity to town amenities, schools etc.

Deal analysis – crunching the numbers both for Return on Investment & Gross Yield

Our sourcing methods vary from Estates Agents, Power Team, local Deal Sources, Auction Houses and Right Move / Zoopla searches.

3 Financing Property Acquisition

Using your current savings as deposits you will leverage your money by getting repayment mortgages typically 65% – 75% LTV fixed 3 – 5 year mortgages based on personal goals
Access to BTL Mortgage Brokers ( our Power Team) Access to Bridging Finance to source the best product that match your financial objectives.

4. We refurbish your property to the required legal and letting standard

This will ensure the property qualifies for a mortgage application with many lenders and lets out quickly.
Access to local Power Team ( builders, plumber, electrician, decorators, joiners and tilers )
Project Managing the refurbishment (Draw up Scope of Work, Draw up Schedule of Works Tender Works to tried & tested contractors)
Compliance  issue gas & electric certificates, Smoke Alarms Dress Property Ready to Rent

5. Introduce you to our Lettings and Management Power Team in the local area where you purchase property.
Hand Over to Local lettings

6. Company Set Up, Tax Planning.
We educate you on the most efficient tax structure that best suits your personal circumstances and enables you to leverage your existing portfolio to finance future investments

Property Portfolio Example
3 Bed Terrace
Negotiated Price        £57,000
Legals, SDLTA etc.            £ 3,000
Refurbishment spend.              £ 5,000
Bridging cost.                          £ 2,500
Total Ready to Rent spend.     £ 67,500
Refinance 75% on £ 65k.        £ 48,750
Cash in the deal.                      £ 18,750
Net rental ( £ 495 pm )          £ 3,500
Return on Cash Invested        18.6% Vs 0.5% or 0.75% ISA

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