True wealth is living in abundance. It means having access to different resources which include income producing assets, money, time, freedom. Simply put, it means living in the overflow of your resources, instead of living in lack. True wealth is a reflection of God’s original intention of how we should live. I believe in creating wealth and abundance to enable you to pursue your purpose, live a fulfilled life, and be in a position to be blessed to be a blessing. This is about having wealth to enhance your life, giving you the ability to make more choices, and beyond that, enabling you to impact both the financial and emotion well-being of other people because of your resources.

Don’t chase money pursue True Wealth

This is not about chasing money, but about pursuing true wealth, bringing purpose, peace and prosperity. I’m a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend AND a serial entrepreneur. All of those things are important to me, which explains why I’m tired of joining groups that focus only on making money or building businesses and careers, but don’t always welcome conversations about my faith, my family, my own self-care, or my life’s purpose.

Do you feel that way? If you do, I invite you to join Wealthy Christian Female Millionaires and Aspiring Millionaires and work with me.

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Many people teach wealth creation, but at the same time they neglect their own value systems.

How would you like to belong to a community of black women who will keep you accountable to your greatest goals, as well as supporting you in building wealth, without compromising your faith in God, your values and your moral standards?

We will develop your skills and at the same time, support you in your ethical principles as you learn from the following free online courses:

  • Wealth and Wisdom Masterclass
  • Free 3 Day True Wealth Discovery Program
  • The 7 Property Mistakes
  • Property Mentoring

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