Kingdom Property Tax

Kingdom Property Tax

Company Set Up, Tax Planning structure

Many property investors are unaware of the tax legislation; their eligibility, entitlements and reliefs; how to avoid paying too much tax and how to structure their tax or assets productively to streamline their business. We show you how to try and protect your assets and make the most of your property business.

Our aim is to provide Tax Education:

  • Options available to hold your property investments
  • Give insight into improving the restructuring of your portfolio
  • Helping you understand and clarify your future tax liability
  • Guide you on how to reduce your ongoing and potential tax bill
  • Ensure you have a clear understanding of the rules and regulations
  • Application of Section 24 (tenant tax)
  • Gifting and potentially exempt transfer
  • The benefits of incorporating your business
  • Hold as a company versus an individual
  • Income tax
  • Capital gains tax
  • Corporation tax
  • Inheritance tax

We help you gain a better understanding of the complexities of tax; what you need to pay as a landlord; when to pay it; and how you can substantially reduce your landlord tax bill.

We demonstrate the general principles of property tax and how to run your property portfolio more tax efficiently.

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