Join me for a Tea or Coffee at our  “Concept To Cash ” morning on the 15th October The Brasseries Opposite Waterloo Station  London.

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At the event you will adopt business success strategies you absolutely MUST know to achieve Success.

Your chance to ask me any business tips, success secrets, challenges and solutions on the day.

You will learn how to profit from your Passion. Align your Values and Strengths with your Business die a.

“The Business Blue Print”

Everything in your business can be measured by specific numbers.

Matrix like the number of new clients, the number of conversions to customers, profit margins on sales, repeat purchases, profit per customer, size of sale, and growth rates.

These numbers act as a guidepost to your ongoing profitability. You will discover how to find and define your perfect numbers learn :

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“How to develop a great marketing plan”

A great marketing plan is one that consistently and predictably attracts qualified prospects to you. A great marketing plan empowers you to plot your own future success. This is perhaps the most important of all business activities, and determines your level of success, sales and profitability in your business.

  • 7 Ways to find a new product or service
  • 7  Shortcuts to valuable market research
  • 7 Ways to test your market before you spend a penny
  • 7 Questions to avoid Marketing Myopia
  • How to develop your marketing plan to succeed



“How to become a Key person of influence in your niche”.

I will share with you special qualities, traits and behaviors of men and women who build successful businesses. You should know your business could never be any better than you are as a businessperson.


“How to create a great business”

You will learn the specific steps you can take to design and build your business so that it is recognized as number 1 in your industry

I’ll show you how to create a great product or service. This is a strong predictor of your business success. You will learn how to identify exactly what it takes to produce a product or service that causes people to say, “Wow! This is a great product!”


“Personal Mastery and Leadership”

Every successful business is characterized by excellent leadership and management. You will learn how to develop vision, clarity, courage, commitment, focus on responsibility, and customer service.

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