Active or Passive Investment

Low Risk, High Return and Completely Passive Property Investments

One of the companies with which I work, Platinum Investment Partners, specialises in sourcing low-risk, high-return investment opportunities in emerging property markets. The founding partners are involved in every project and their focus is to enter into joint ventures with established local developers, who are incentivised to complete the project on time and on budget, so that everybody makes high levels of profit with very low levels of risk. That principle of making sure everyone has “skin in the game” is important to me and knowing that the company I am working with, the developer and everyone else involved, only make a profit when I do, is one that confidence that my investment is very secure. I get great reassurance from the fact I am investing alongside others who are putting their own money where their mouth is.

Those who invest in PIP projects are conservatively projected to receive 20% per annum and the investments are usually for between two and a half and three years.

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With the current market conditions as they are, I do recommend that you need a certain amount of capital to get started seriously in property investing. If you want to find out more about both passive and active investment options and have at least £100,000, which can be in savings, equity or other investments – I would recommend that you come along to a Platinum Wealth Workshop to find out more or complete the contact form on this website.

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