Investor Evenings

The Platinum Partners Group Investor Evenings are a fantastic opportunity to hear the most up-to-date thoughts on the on the property market – and the best current strategies for investing.

On the Investor Evenings I am supported by two of my successful business partners, Steve Bolton and Nick Carlile and these events are a great opportunity where you can get an introduction to two of the strategies I have used personally, which has enabled me to give back and help those less fortunate than myself.

These evenings, which are completely FREE, are held every month. They run from 7pm to 10pm and include two 45-minute seminar sessions, which cover key factors to successful investing in the UK and overseas markets. Learn about some of the very best investment opportunities available for a recession-proof income, how to get great returns on your capital and discover a wealth-creation template to secure your financial future.

For more information on when these events are being held and where, please see my ‘events’ page.

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