We offer tailor made programs for Executives and senior leadership that underpin business fundamentals focused on equipping leaders as they transition looking at both the personal plan and corporate plan. This resonates with cases of senior leaders who have left/ retired from the workForce and now insolvent as a result of lack of prior knowledge on wealth creation/ planning opportunities that would have been crucial to change destinies of many families and homes across our communities.

Unlike other standard training or mentoring programs, PSP Executive Mentoring programs offer unique Succession Planning techniques that not only focus on improving organisational performance, but also places equal importance on an individual’s personal succession plan. At PSP we believe in creating a roadmap that offers leaders a robust succession-planning program that aligns talent management with the vision of the organisation.

We also recognise that wealth creation is vital to sustain a consistent and standard quality of life in our communities particularly for people that have invested many years working for organisation whose vision and mission they value.

We especially appreciate your commitment as a leadership to develop an organisational culture that supports your valued leaders to continue to realise their potential once they retire, or simply move on to explore other greener pastures. Our programs are bespoke to meet your strategic goals outlined in the Quotation.

As an International Organisation that is dedicated and committed to supporting conscious leadership, we adopt a solution based fee model that represents the value benefits of our services designed to ensure that we not only meet organisational needs, but also take into account impact on personal expectations covering:

  • Personal “Golden Age Portfolio” GAP Analysis – Changing Horizons, Life after Retirement, Wealth Investment portfolio.
  • Understanding of the three-phase transition process to help leaders plan and create changes that are less disruptive, as well as additional strategies for consulting and training intervention
  • Share practical insight on succession planning

Our discovery days gives detailed understanding of how to create ones’ own Roadmap while 1 day gives an overview. This opportunity offers leaders a Taster of a Robust Succession-Planning program that aligns talent management with the vision of the organisation. The ideal for your required specifications is the Train the Trainer Mentorship Programs.

90 Day Program We’ll hold their hand and equip them with the extensive tools and Strategies including training manuals on:

  • PSPVision & Strategy Setting: Developing Succession strategy
  • Systemisation of Business Model
  • Creating roadmaps that align Talent and organization’s vision, transference of skills and Expertise
  • Personal Budgeting Projected Personal Cash-flow
  1. Personal Financial IQ
  2. Personal Financial Balance Sheet
  • GAP ANALYSIS “Golden Age Portfolio” Changing Horizons, Life after Retirement.
  1. Real Estate Investments
  1. Enterprise Consultancy
  2. Training and Retraining
  3. Business Investments
  4. Stocks and Shares
  5. Leadership strategies for consulting intervention programs
  6. Managing Emotional Intelligence as you transition
  7. Time Management as you transition, managing conflicting priorities. (Impact Ease Methodology).


  • Increase Your Financial IQ: Get Smarter with Your Money. know what your intelligence quotient is to assesse your Your financial Intelligence “how well you do with money”
  • Personal Financial Balance Sheet
  • Calculating your personal net worth to know exactly what your starting point is in developing a financial plan. A balance sheet calculates your net worth by comparing your
  • financial assets (what you own) with your financial liabilities (what you owe). The difference between the two is your personal net worth.
  • Personal Income and Expenses to see if you will potentially run in the Red or black” on a daily weekly, monthly annually etc.
  • How much you need to save for retirement,
  • Your currecnt cashflow
  • What is your projected cashflow
  • Personal Sensetivity Analysis “what if Scenario”


Predicting the outcome of a decision if the situation turns out to be different compared to the key predictions eg, redundancy, retirement, bereavement etc

  • This process enables clarity in developing a Golden Age Portfolio (GAP) for the executive.

Overview of Wealth Creation
PSPOpportunities- Identify desired Personal Exit Strategy


Passive and active investments opportunities, Local and global opportunities

  • Joint ventures
  • Equity partnerships with developers and investors
  • Assessment of viabilities of properties/propositions
  • Negotiation of development and lease agreements

Opportunities- Identify desired Personal Exit Strategy



  • Turn Passion to profits :

Explore possibilities of transferring intellectual property (IP) into a consultancy firm

  • Training and Retraining

Identify Gaps in the market and create opportunities training and retraining consultancy

  • Business Investments

Active and Passive Business options, (Explore Growing Market trends and investments)

Local and Global Markets in offering a range of trading and risk management solutions across the financial markets including foreign exchange, the money market, equities, credit and commodities

Mentorship Program

Gain deeper insight into their needs, from both organisational and personal perspective.

Insight on a Personal Journey on Succession Planning-

The Succession Planning Mentoring program gives leaders accountability and focus to work on productive activities in accordance to the organisation’s Vision.

  • The 90 Day Intensive consists of the 3 Days face to face leadership training days delivered on a monthly basis
  • Fortnight call in between the face to face meeting lasting up to an hour
  • Telephone and Email Access to Key industry experts.

6 Months on going email support

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