Steve Bolton

Steve Bolton is an inspirational, unconventional and highly successful entrepreneur, who has become one of the UK’s leading experts in turning novice property investors into millionaires in record time.

From inauspicious beginnings, leaving school at 16 with no qualifications, Steve made his first million by the age of 30, then only just survived bankruptcy when his construction and training businesses were left in tatters by the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. He rebuilt his fortune on the solid foundation of property and presently has multi-million pound, cash positive UK and high-growth international investment portfolios.

Steve is the Managing Partner of Platinum Property Partners and works with his business partner, Nick Carlile, to keep the Franchise systems and strategies up to date with the changing market, while ensuring Franchise Partners continue to receive excellent business support. His primary role within Platinum Investment Partners is in strategic development and investor relations, managing the marketing team and supporting Nick in delivering exceptional value to investors.

Highly regarded as a keynote speaker on entrepreneurship, property investing and life balance, Steve is also a regular expert panellist at many of the national property investing and business start up exhibitions held all over the UK, and has featured on ‘Property Pensions’, ‘Head to Head’ and ‘Property Kings’ on Sky’s Overseas Property channel.

Steve is passionate about showing people how to make money, have a better quality of life, and share the wealth with those less fortunate. Through the Platinum Partners Foundation, Steve supports orphanages in Uganda & India, and he backs the ‘Make Poverty History’ campaign. With inspiration, encouragement and mentoring, Steve helps people to break out of their comfort zone and set higher standards for themselves and their life in general, making them more wealthy, healthy and happy.

Away from his business commitments, Steve is a keen sportsman: he plays tennis at club level and has been a semi-professional footballer. He enjoys being out on the water in his boat, flying helicopters and prides himself on being a great parent to his three children. Thanks to the financial freedom he has achieved, he takes an average of one week off every month to spend quality time with his wife and family, travelling the world with them and helping them to get a varied and balanced education.

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