Congratulations on this investment in your future!

We would like to officially welcome you to “Concept To Cash in 90 Days! This is the most exciting venture we have ever embarked upon, and we are so glad that you have made the decision to be a part of it.

Your personal success is in the actions of this moment.

Our 90 Day From Concept to Cash Mentoring program puts you in a position to immediately FOCUS, with great CLARITY, on the BEST solution that will help you QUICKLY reach your GOALS and DREAMS.

Over the next 90 days our goal is for you to go from concept to cash in just 90 Days, we are not saying you will become a millionaire in 90 Days but hopefully embark on a journey to become wealthy and experience an exceptional life. . Our primary aim is to Inspire, Empower and Equip you with the right tools and systems to help you achieve financial success.

We believe this program is one of the most comprehensive resources and success plans ever created; it is designed to help you achieve success in partnership with mentors and insight from leaders who have walked the journey you have embarked on today .

If you are a Gold Member, you have received, or will be very shortly receiving, the CDs and manual.

In addition to our weekly e-mails and monthly conference calls, I will be directing you toward the next week’s recommended listening and reading, in addition to doing an overview of the previous weeks.

Personal development is whole life. Some people might only want to get rich, and thus allow other parts of their lives to suffer. Others might just want to be healthy, thus letting the other parts suffer. My perspective is that success  is whole life: physical, spiritual and mental In the bible it says what will it profit a man if he gains the who world but looses his soul, it also says that “beloved I wish above all things that you prosper as your soul prospers. All through this journey, occasionally we will focus on different areas of your life so you can arrive at your destination a well-rounded and balanced person.

It will take discipline. Each and every day, you must take another step forward toward your destination. This is a discipline. Some days it may mean going to the gym. Some days it will mean listening to a CD. Some days it will mean having a difficult conversation with the goal of restoring a relationship. All of these are things we must discipline ourselves to do.

It will take perseverance. Many people start. Successful people finish. All of them hit hard times. All of them are tempted to quit. People who will always stay at the average level are those who will not persevere. Those who succeed are the ones who, regardless of the size of the obstacle, persevere. Onward they move.

It will take a plan. This is one of the key strengths of this program. Together We we make plan. We keep you on track by via weekly check emails. We nudge you to work the plan and the plan will see you through.

This program contains the most valuable information on operating a successful business and “making money. Almost any- one can use these ideas, methods and techniques to improve their money-making abilities. All successful people practice these concepts continuously. That’s why they are successful.

In reality though, both success and riches begin with a state of mind. Wealth is more psychological than physical. Productivity and high performance are more spiritual than mechanical. What happens inside you determines what happens to you.

Intense desire is the starting point of all riches. Intense desire is absolutely essential because of the numerous setbacks, obstacles, problems and difficulties you face when building a business in a competitive economy.

If you have read “think and Grow Rich” you will learn this is one of the major keys to Success

It is also necessary to have burning, compelling goals to which you are committed. Every study of outstanding business success proves the importance of setting clear, measurable, time-specific goals and working toward them progressively.

Belief is the third ingredient essential to success; belief in yourself, belief in the value of your product or service, belief in your mission and your destiny in life. You must develop a deep inner conviction and certainty about your purpose in life. You must develop a deep inner conviction that you are a success and that you will realise your dreams and aspirations.

Finally, patience and the ability to delay gratification, to sacrifice in the present for rewards in the future, to save your money and work long hours, to go the extra mile, to “keep on keeping on” in the face of discouragement and defeat – all these are required for success.

If you follow the guidelines in this manual and refer to them on a regular basis, you will be able to plan, organise, change direction, develop creativity, remain flexible and move step-by-step toward business success and financial independence.

Let’s begin the journey!

Caroline MarshOld Welcome to the Coaching Programme