At the beginning of the football season, very few people knew them,there past, their vision and reason they are playing, today everyone joins in their celebration in awe of their achievement! Many will learn about the disaster that struck a nation 18 years ago, the pain and hurt when Zambia lost almost the whole team of players in a plane crash in Libreville. So many lessons to learn from the team.

Things in life happen that cause people to loose confidence in themselves, in others, and sometimes just loose hope all together, There comes a time we have to pick up the pieces and start to build what was stripped away from us, Always learning adjusting, and playing a different game, playing to win.

The lessons I want to share are

1. Dream Again, just because things fell apart does not mean you can never make it again, there is a dream stealer out there holding you back by pointing at your past and inadequacies. Visualise to win the next game , see it in your mind’s eye, see the things you hope for as if they are already are. Have a clear picture of what your life will look like.

2. Find Group of People you need to work with to win the game, like minded people who see what you see.

3. Get a Coach or Captain who understands the game, someone who has been there, done it and can show you the strategies, someone who can see what the opposition see and cant see.

4.Begin to Craft your Art, become excellent at what you do. Practice makes permanent, practice winning, over and over again, when you play, play like a winner. begin to practice without an audience.

5. Study your Opposition, every time you play, study them and find ways to beat their current skill.

6. Face the Giants, no matter what armour they are wearing, you know your stuff, Just do it! Whatever crowd they have cheering them on, you have learned to play even without an audience, that wont intimidate you.

7. Ask for God’s help, there is someone greater, who hears your prayers every time you pray. When you win be sure to thank him.

That is the game winners play when they play the business game,I am so proud to be Zambian. Well done Zambia

Don’t just spectate, pick up the pieces in your life and start to live again. Look at your mistakes and failures as lessons in life, after all we have all failed at something, as they say “if you have never failed you have never really lived”

Stay blessed

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Caroline MarshOld Winning after 18 years