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What does it mean to have a Solution Mindset?

What does it mean to have a SOLUTION MINDSET?

It’s whenever you encounter a setback or difficulty, you avoid wasting time complaining but instead, look for the solution, the next step, and what you can take from the situation to make yourself smarter and better in the future.

It is when you become intensely action-focused in everything you do – Always having a sense of urgency. You always aim to cover more ground in a single day than the average person covers in several days.

To practice this, next time you are faced with a setback, change the way you respond…

Take a step back and allow yourself to take a clear look at the situation and weigh your options objectively…

Focus on the things you can control than wasting your time and energy complaining about it…

You’ll soon begin to make better decisions and begin to develop a SOLUTION MINDSET.

Caroline MarshWhat does it mean to have a Solution Mindset?