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Tips to Start Your Day Positively!

The way we start our day greatly impacts how our performance, our attitude, and our thoughts Staying Positive for the day. And if you want to have a great productive day then it has to be productive and positive right from the start. A good start to your day will keep you motivated, positive, energized and productive while on the other hand, having a bad start will keep your mind clouded, have a negative influence on your work area and have limited productivity.

Since the very first things you do in the morning affect your whole day, you need to make the most out of it. Here are my tips:

  • Always start your day with a prayer. Praying allows you to release all your problems, your negativity, and everything that is holding you down. Communicate with God, tell Him all that you are dealing with, tell Him what is it that you intend to do today and ask for His guidance, His strength. For nothing would be possible without God’s governance. Immediately after, you will have a feeling of a lighter load, a brighter day and a healthier mind.


  • Be clear and precise about the tasks that you want to accomplish today. Do a mini Goal Setting. Having clear and written checklists of the things you need to do, the tasks you need to work on and the deadlines that you have to meet will keep you organized. By bringing your awareness and intention to the day, you are more likely to make conscious choices in actions and attitudes as the day unfolds.


  • Take a little time to do some exercise. Do some stretching or some movement routine that would awaken your body from several hours of inactivity. You will be busy for most of the day and it is unlikely that you will have spare time hit the gym. Having time to do light to medium exercise during the morning will do wonders for your overall fitness throughout the day.


  • Delight yourself with a healthy breakfast. As you know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Make sure that you have enough time to prepare a balanced and healthy diet every morning as this gets your metabolism revving, helps you concentrate better, and provides you with essential nutrients you need to get through the day.


  • Talk with your loved ones. Having a good conversation in the morning with family members while having breakfast also helps you start your day well. Share and talk about positive stories, experiences and news or just anything that would bring a smile to you and your loved ones. Avoid hearing stories that are full of negativity, and complaints as this can cause negativity that can disrupt you throughout the day.


Having a positive morning means a positive outlook and productivity throughout the day. So make sure you start your morning right!

Caroline MarshTips to Start Your Day Positively!

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