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You Are Extraordinary

The fact is that you are extraordinary. You are born with unique talents and abilities that make you completely different from all other human beings that have ever existed. The odds of there being two people just like you are more than SO billion to one. In fact, it will never happen

There is no one who has the unique and remarkable combination of experiences, ideas, thoughts, feelings, education, and imagination that you do. You have within you, right now, the ability, to be, have or do virtually anything you can imagine. You are an incredible masterpiece just waiting to emerge.

Great success and happiness come when you identify your natural abilities, and then concentrate on developing along the line of your inborn talents. It is almost as though you are engineered for success in a specific way, and if you can find the area for which you were specifically designed, you will achieve more in a few years than most people achieve in a lifetime.

Caroline MarshYou Are Extraordinary

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